Code Guidelines Simplified!


Save on spending money on overpriced contractors for simple fixes.

The Problem

Don't Make These Common DIY Mistakes On Your Home Construction Projects

Wrong Materials

Using the wrong materials can lead to wasted time and money which can cause failed inspections and delays.

Using Generic Information

Often times information found online can be inaccurate and easily misunderstood for your specific situation.

Don’t Want To Ask For Help

Construction terminology can be confusing. One simple mistake and you'll have to redo everything.

Don't Start Out In the Dark - Snag a FREE "DIY'ers Before You Get Started Checklist"

This FREE checklist will give you the confidence to know that you've thought through the topics and questions that need to be answered to successfully get your home improvement projects started right!

Don't Redo It.

Get It Done Right The First Time Around

Get It Done Right The First Time Around

Don't get stuck not knowing who to call or be put on the waitlist to speak to the next building inspector to answer your simple question.

Oftentimes, all you need is one simple translation from the right code book to get you moving in the right direction.

No need to worry anymore. I've got you covered!

Your Solution

DIY'ers Just Need A Proven Process From An Expert In The Field:

Choose A Guide For Your Project

Select from a variety of guides that best fit your current project.

Understand What is Required

Learn about common construction codes that you should be aware of for your home project to stay on track.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Get detailed instructions and answers to your questions, and avoid the common DIY mistakes that are made on projects just like yours.

Build Something You Can Be Proud Of

Watch your project turn from concept into reality.

ICC Certified Building Official & Inspector

The Expert


As a building and plumbing inspector with over 20 years in the construction industry, I understand the struggles many go through when building or renovating.

The problem is that many people are not familiar with construction terminology and often lose time and money when doing things themselves.

I believe it should be simple for anyone to upgrade their home or any building, and not have to spend a fortune on general contractors.

That is why I created Building Code Tips: to make building codes simple to understand and simple to implement into any DIY project.

I hope you find the tips and tricks helpful and save a lot of money and time in the process!

Get Expert Tips

Never Worry About Having To Do It Alone.

Sometimes one tip from an expert can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Ever since starting Building Code Tips, my mission has always been to help people understand the basics in construction and feel confident that their home projects are being done correctly, avoiding costly mistakes or the frustration of having to re-do the work.

For that reason, I spent months creating detailed video trainings and guides to help equip people like you with reliable knowledge and trade-backed tips and advice to help you get your project done correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Who This Is For

This Is Perfect If:

You like to do the work yourself.

You’re wanting to upgrade your home.

You're having a hard time understanding construction terminology.

You don’t want to pay contractors.

You can’t pass your inspections.

You want to feel confident that your project is safe and built to code.

It’s Time To Stop Wasting Time and Money

Are You Ready To Get Your Project Done Right Without Paying Expensive Contractors?

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