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The "Before You Get Started" - Building Checklist

Built to help homeowners and DIY'ers get started off on the right foot. Know what questions to ask and steps to take as you plan for your next home improvement project!

The "Before You Get Started" - Plumbing Checklist

Know what you need to start thinking about when it comes to materials, installation and testing before jumping into your plumbing project.

The "Before You Get Started" - Mechanical Checklist

Get an idea on what type of planning and work will be required to get through the electrical and mechanical stages of a DIY home renovation.

Building Schedule

This working house schedule can be edited to fit your specific needs and project. I personally used this very schedule to build mulitiple houses and townhouses over the years.

Footing Size Calculator

Local cities and counties within my area have been using this footing calculator to design new houses, decks, additions, etc. All you need is the roof snow load and soil bearing pressure. (Hint: use 1500lb soil bearing pressure if you dont know.)

Top 6 Correction Calls During Framing Inspections

These are some of the top framing corrections calls that I make frequantly on DIY home projects.


Take it to the NEXT LEVEL! Get step-by-step help on your project to save time and money on the re-do's. Save yourself the stress and headaches. Take it from me - sometimes the simplest of mistakes can be the costliest.

Building Checklist


Feel confident that you are one step ahead on your home project instead of two steps behind. Know what code requirements to think about and construction tips to get it done right and feel confident in y our work.

Plumbing Checklist

Even though plumbing might sound simple, it can actually be much more in-depth than one might think. This checklist will walk you through the steps to understand and install plumbing for any DIY project. Dont glue those fittings in the wrong spot!

Mechanical/Electrical Checklist

After plumbing rough-in is typically mechanical and then electrical work. Getting to drywall is the goal which makes it ever so important that these stages of work are done correctly and mistakes aren't found after drywall.

Common Home Projects Checklist

Gain access to building code requirements and construction tips for many of the common DIY home projects such as decks, roofing, siding, windows, doors, and more! This checklist keeps it simple but helps make sure important steps and considerations are not missed.

Decks Checklist

Is it finally time to replace that old deck and build the one you have been dreaming about? This checklist breaks down the major components for building a deck including construction tips and code requirements.

Get'em All!

Sometimes you don't know what you need until it's too late. Having access to everything instead of searching all over the internet for the answers (and hoping they're correct) will ensure the right information is available exactly when you need it. This option will provide downloads of ALL available checklists.


Ready to LEVEL UP? Get the cadillac version with videos, checklists, code references and more. These guides have what you need to start thinking like a pro.

Plumbing Guides

Understand basic plumbing installation from materials through groundwork and inwall rough-in.

Mechanical Guides

Learn mechanical installation requirements to help you meet building code standards.

Building Guides

This guide will teach you the basics in building construction and code so that you can be confident in your project.

Electrical Guide

Learn about the necessary electrical codes and requirements that your building inspector will look for.

Common Home Projects

Created for the do-it-yourselfer, this guide covers various topics including decks, roofs, windows, stairs, landings, radon, pole barns, and the standard code requirements for each.


Save money and time understanding what building code requirements are by purchasing all guides together for one low price.

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