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Common Home Projects Made Easy For The DIY'er

This guide covers those various home projects that a homeowner may want to tackle on their own such as roofs, siding, decks, window installation, pole barns - to name a few!

In-depth tutorials with detailed pictures, advice, and code explanations that answer your questions and keep your project moving in the right direction.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Personalized Checklists

Code Requirements and Pictures

Expert Advice from Experience

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Getting Started

  • Module 1 - Intro & Building Code
  • Module 2 - Permits & Inspections
  • Module 3 - Setbacks & Accessory Structures
  • Module 4 - Working Smarter

Roofing, Siding, Windows & Doors

  • Module 5 - Roofing
  • Module 6 - Siding & Window Install
  • Module 7 - Safety Glazing
  • Module 8 - Egress Windows
  • Module 9 - Egress Doors


  • Module 10a - Deck Permits & Inspections
  • Module 10b - Post, Beam & Joist Sizing
  • Module 10c - Footings
  • Module 10d - Deck Connections
  • Module 10e - Stairs & Landings
  • Module 10f - Guardrail & Handrail

Misc. Projects

  • Module 11 - Fencing
  • Module 12 - Pole Barns
  • Module 13 - Rated Walls (Assemblies)

A Word From Your Building Expert

It's normal to feel lost when it comes to getting your project up to code. The terminology can be confusing and the information you find online can be misleading.

So I decided to take it upon myself to give you accurate information that is simple to understand.

My objective is to get you feeling confident in your work so you can pass your building inspections without overspending or wasting your time redoing simple mistakes that could have been avoided.

It's time to make things simple!

Get Instant Access To This Home Project Guide

Keep your project moving in the right direction

Here Is Exactly What You Will Get:

  • An in-depth description and video series of what is required to meet specific building code.
  • A step-by-step checklist to work through specific building steps.
  • What a building inspector would do in various situations.
  • Code explanations to make it simple to review related building codes.
  • Pictures to give you a visual solution to your problem.
  • Definitions of building code terminology to make it easy to understand.

Plus, Get My Find-Your-Answer Guarantee

If you don't find your answer within the guide, a certified building inspector will do the research for you and provide guidance for your specific situation.

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