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Deck Construction Tips & Code Checklist

Deck building is a popular DIY home project that can provide an increased value to any home. Like any construction project though, they come with their own set of challenges and many intricate code requirements. This checklist will provide the basics in deck code that every DIY’er should be knowledgeable of as well as tips on deck building and more.

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In This Checklist:

What's Included:

1. Decks

  • Permits, Inspections & Frame Sizing
  • Deck Post, Beam & Joist Sizing
  • Deck Footings
  • Deck Connections

2. Stairs, Handrail & Guardrail Protection

  • Requirements For Stairs & Landings
  • Handrail & Guardrail Protection

3. Bonus: Top Building Code Mistakes Homeowners Make

4. Final Tips

A Word From Your Building Expert

It's normal to feel lost when it comes to getting your building up to code. The terminology can be confusing and the information you find online can be misleading.

So I decided to take it upon myself to give you accurate information that is simple to understand.

My objective is to get you feeling confident in your work so you can pass your building inspections without overspending or wasting your time redoing simple mistakes that could have been avoided.

It's time to make things simple!

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • Top Building Code Mistakes Homeowners Make
  • Building code and inspection requirements.

  • Deck Footings
  • Deck Framing
  • Stairs and landings
  • Handrail & guardrail requirements

Plus, Get My Find-Your-Answer Guarantee

If you don't find your answer within the checklist, a certified plumbing inspector will do the research for you and provide guidance for your specific situation.

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